LS-1000 is a family of non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, water-soluble chemicals and selected nutrients, which can be specially blended for various applications. The base product, widely used for soil remediation, is capable of breaking down hydrocarbon masses into microscopic spheres or droplets upon contact by spraying or mixing. These droplets become tightly suspended in solution and remain stable in the rinse and treated media. Upon application, an immediate change in color of oily soils or pit sludge, as well as the elimination of hydrocarbon odors, can be observed. LS-1000 functions in both fresh and salt-water environments. A single application of the LS-1000 can achieve results in a fraction of the time and expense normally required for soil excavation, relocation, disposal, incineration, or traditional bio-remediation methods. The long-term benefit from using LS-1000 is that it facilitates bio-degradation by natural means.

Product Applications


Creates a food source for indigenous microbes hydrocarbon-contaminated environments.

LS-1000 OC 

A non-hazardous, water based chemical with perfume additives for odor control.

LS-1000 ACL 

An environmentally safe replacement for chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, for dissolving hardened petroleum products.

LS-1000 TC

Specially blended for degassing and cleaning of petroleum storage tanks.

LS-1000 EC 

Specifically blended for heavy duty equipment cleaning and is widely used in the oil industry as a rig wash.