A Non-Hazardous, Water Based,
Bio Remediation Chemical for
Hydrocarbon Elimination

In-Situ Bio-Enhancement Product

Creates food source for indigenous microbes in hydrocarbon-contaminated environments
Environmentally safe based on U.S. EPA LC-50 for use around sensitive ecosystems

LS-1000 will accelerate the microbial degradation of hydrocarbon waste.
LS-1000 will break down hydrocarbons and add nutrients for microbes.
LS-1000 will provide an immediate change of color from black to brown and eliminate hydrocarbon odor.


• Reduces TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) in soils, drill cuttings, water, mill scale, and hydrocarbon
contaminated media.
• Can reduce the TPH levels in contaminated media by as much as 95% within 24-48 hours.


Pit Closures Highway Spills
Oil Spill Tank Cleaning
Surface Spills Drill Cuttings
Compressor Stations Vapor Suppression/Tank Degassing
Pipeline and Flow Line Leaks Soil Remediation
Well head and Tank Farm Leaks

DAppfor use:
Directions for use:

Mix 1 part LS-1000 (concentrate) with 10 parts water.
Apply the mixture to the contaminated media with a spray apparatus.
Work the media and LS-1000 into a slurry until it is completely blended.

Note: Agitation is key to the effectiveness of the chemical.  Greater agitation produces improved results and quicker degradation of hydrocarbon waste.