A Non-Hazardous, Water Based,
Bio Remediation Chemical for
Hydrocarbon Elimination

LS-1000 ACL
Biodegradable Solvent

Environmentally safe replacement for chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents.
Solvent for dissolving hardened petroleum products.
Sludge generated in washing leaves a favorable environment for microorganisms to bio treat affluent.

LS-1000 ACL is an all natural, non-toxic, low cost alternative to petroleum solvents.
LS-1000 ACL is made from organic materials and is a superior solvent to Varsol®.


 Made from distillates from organic materials and is superior to Varsol®.
• Completely biodegradable: Waste water generated in the cleaning process can be discharged in sewer systems where
bacteria can convert waste to inert by-products.
• Liquefies burner fuel tank bottoms, asphaltic crudes, and highly degraded petroleum products into removable and/or
sellable product


Hardened, highly degraded petroleum products
Wood Penetrate
Carrier Oil
Burner Fuel Tank Bottoms
Asphaltic Crudes

DAppfor use:
Directions for use:

Application is 6% by volume. Apply with a spray apparatus.