A Non-Hazardous, Water Based,
Bio Remediation Chemical for
Hydrocarbon Elimination

LS-1000 TC
In-Situ Bio-Enhancement Product

Formulated for tank cleaning.
Environmentally safe based on:
• EPA 8260 B – volatile compounds
• EPA 8270 C – semi-volatile compounds
• Texas 1005 TPH – total petroleum hydrocarbons
• EPA LC-50 – based on use around sensitive ecosystems

LS-1000 TC will accelerate the microbial degradation of hydrocarbon waste.
LS-1000 TC will break down hydrocarbons and adds nutrients for microbes.
LS-1000 TC will provide an immediate change of color from black to brown, eliminate hydrocarbon odors, and make the tank bottoms inert.


Reduces TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) in above and below ground storage tanks, soils, water and any hydrocarbon contaminated media.
• Excellent for tank degassing prior to the cleaning of storage tanks, vessels, ships, pipelines, etc., due to its ability to eliminate vapors given off by tank bottoms.
• Will draw the hydrocarbons out of the pores of the metal so that the tank floor and walls can be inspected or components can be changed out if need be.
• Can reduce the TPH levels in contaminated media by as much as 95% within 24 hours.


Storage Tanks Pipelines
Vessels Barges

Directions for use:

Mix 1 part LS-1000 TC(concentrate) with 10 parts water.
Apply the mixture to the contaminated media with a spray apparatus.
Work media and LS-1000 TC into a slurry until completely blended with tank bottoms. Let mixture stand overnight in order to allow eradication of contaminated media into an inert state.
The use of a heated pressure washer is highly recommended.

Note: Agitation is key to the effectiveness of the chemical.  Greater agitation produces improved results and quicker degradation.